RDH Mining Equipment was awarded the Gold Ontario Global Trader Award for Market Expansion at this years Ontario Business Achievement Awards. The event, which was held in Toronto on September 26, 2011, was created to celebrate Ontario’s rich history of innovative, ethical, and profitable business.  Two of the company’s four owners, Neil Edward, Chief Financial Officer, and Jeannot Courchesne, Vice President, were in attendance to accept the award at the event.

Launched in 1983, the OBAA’s shine a spotlight on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that are at the heart of business in Ontario.  In 2007, after partnering with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade’s Ontario Global Traders Awards, the OBAA’s took a lead role in celebrating export success in Ontario.  Each year, hundreds of companies are nominated for their contributions to Ontario’s success as a global player.  Companies from all sectors are honoured.  OBAA winners are linked by their innovation, drive, creativity, and their passion for doing business in Ontario.  

Over 200 OBAA’s have been presented so far, in the proud presence of peers and senior political leaders representing all parts of Ontario.  

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