Each vehicle is required to successfully complete a ramp test before entering underground for the first time as per the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA.)


Testing performed to ensure compliance with CAN/CSA-M424.3-M90 for rubber-tired, self-propelled underground mining machines.

To comply with the aforementioned standards, we have a 200-foot long ramp designed with a 20 percent slope on-site to adequately perform all of the testing requirements.



  • The brakes for motor vehicles operating in underground or surface mines must be capable of stopping and holding a motor vehicle under full load conditions on all operating grades, slopes or ramps.
  • Each vehicle must have a redundancy built into the braking system so that in the event of a single failure of the service brake system, a safe stop can still be made.
  • The motor vehicle must be equipped with a parking brake that is unaffected by loss of pressure caused by loss of oil or contraction due to temperature changes.



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