Each year, Equipment Journal publishes a list of the top 100 machines and attachments. Each of these machines or attachments is seen as being innovative in a way that drives the industry toward technological excellence. 

Entries are arranged either by product type or industry with some classified as other. This is simply for organizational purposes. Machines are not ranked within 1-100 or within each category. The order in which the machines appear is random. 

To be considered for the list, a machine/attachment had to meet three criteria:

» It must serve the heavy equipment industry

» It must have been announced between November 1, 2014, and October 31, 2015

» It must be available in Canada

The reasons why the Roboshot 600 Shotcrete was chosen:

  • Combines full-scale shotcreting performance with an extensive range of practical features in a compact design
  • Radio remote control
  • A fully-integrated accelerator dosing system utilizes a peristaltic type pump to inject admixtures at the spray nozzle. By integrating the dosing pump’s operation with the shotcrete pump stroking, the admixture dose rate is constantly matched to the shotcrete output level

To read about the reasons for why each machine was chosen, read Issue #17 (December 21). Follow this link:  http://www.equipmentjournal.com/Portals/0/newspapers/2015/NP_Issue17_2015.pdf

Roboshot 600

The Roboshot 600, designed by Chief Operations Officer Gustavo Portalier, has been recognized for its technological innovation.